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LIFE is a journey. Meeting and experiencing different people and cultures to enrich your life and awaken you to new ways of thinking.
We will provide you with many experiences of Japanese tradition and culture and introduce you to the masters of the traditions.


“One picture is worth a thousands words.” However, experiencing something is completely different from just looking at something. If you can be taught by a master, the pleasure will be multiplied. We have been helping people from many cultural backgrounds. People are a little nervous at first but they end up full of smiles. We are looking forward to seeing your smiles.


Here are the locations of the many different experiences we offer.

Tea Ceremony


The moment. The essence of Chado is to share and enjoy this precious opportunity through the drinking of a bowl of Matcha green tea.

Zen Meditation


Most important is concentration. We will show you how to separate yourself from language, forget preconceived ideas, how to think freely, how to focus on breathing, and how to absorb these ideas into your daily life.

Copying out of Buddhist Sutra


You will be copying out the Heart Sutra (Hanya-Shinkyo). Kannon Sutra (Enmei- Jukku-Kannon-Kyo), a shorter Sutra, is also available to copy out for those on a tight schedule. Shakyo requires concentration to avoid making mistakes. It is very meaningful to erase daily chores from your mind and concentrate.

Flower arrangement


All flowers and trees are unique. Create beautiful harmony using the individual characteristics of plants, this is Kado.

Incense ceremony


This has over 600 years of history. Extraordinary concentration and memory are required. Monko (Enjoying incense) and Kumiko (Incense games) are available using exclusive fragrant wood incense.

Vegetarian Meal

Shojin Ryori

Vegetarian dishes in which no meat or fish is used. They were originally prepared for religious reasons.

About us

Many of our staff have lived abroad for a number of years and have experienced different cultures for themselves.
With all of our experience in other countries and having a Buddhist monk as our consultant, we can show you what you really want to see.
On top of introducing you to Japanese traditional culture, we can advise and arrange special experiences.
We can coordinate any filming needs you have. We can introduce you to traditional crafts and help you with the purchase of traditional crafts.
We can introduce you to English and Chinese translators and interpreters.
We can offer business consulting services and can introduce you to travel agents.

  • Isa

    Tea ceremony

  • Nishiyama

    Flower arrangement

  • Masuda

    Incense ceremony


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If you have a question about our business please send us a message. we wish that our relationship make us happy.