Jitsujoin Temple

Jitsujoin Temple was established on July 15th in 1577 by Jitsujoin Nitten Shonin as a sub-temple of Myokakuji Temple. Nichiren sect.

Tearoom of Jistujo-in

Tea ceremony Experience

Jitsujoin Temple is to the north of Kyoto Imperial Palace. Despite its urban location, you can still have a calm tea ceremony experience in this tranquil temple. It is not so far from Kinkakuji temple and it has parking spaces.

Gate of Jistujo-in
A way to Jistujo-in
A way to Jistujo-in
Entrance of Jistijo-in
Tea room of Jistujo-in
Tea room of Jistujo-in

A recommendation from Monk Join

It is not a big temple but you can experience a warm welcome as if you are one of their temple supporters or regular guests. You will see both the gentleness and the strictness of the Tea ceremony here.If you are a University student in Kyoto, this temple will accept your application to enter the Buddhist priesthood.


135 Shimoseizoguchi-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto.
12 minutes’ walk from Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line “Kuramaguchi” station.